Hi all!

I'm installing iFolder in a cluster by regarding the "Configuring iFolder
3.x services on an NCS for Linux Cluster" white paper, and when I try to
install iFolder from within YasT2 (at point 6), an error occurs. When I
look at the error log it says:

Ifolder.ycp:485 ... simias-server-setup result ... configuring DONE ...
deleting FAILED ... lock violation on path <the mounted shared resource
path>... [cascaded exception errors: delete, recursive delete etc...]

I'm probing the installation in two VMWare virtual servers with a shared
virtual disk that is only mounted on the server I'm doing the installation,
so I don't understand why it says there's a "lock violation" (I also don't
understand why it tries to delete all the info in the shared media, but
this is another question...)

Thanks a lot for being there,