NetStorage access to iFolder fails to set the passphrase. I've read and
followed every TID, CoolSolution, etc. except I don't understand this
bit from TID 10075429

Proxy user's password has changed. Often this user is admin. With the
password held in the xtier registry, the password needs to be changed
for the proxy user after it is changed in DS. Incorrect proxy user
password prevents proxy user authenication and adding of DS attribute

This seems to indicate I should reset the proxy user to admin.

1)How do I do that?

2)Do I have to update it every time the admin password changes?

3)Could I make an admin equivalent with a password that does not change
and use that for the proxy user?

If someone could help me with number 1 I'm sure I could figure out 2 and
3 over time.

Best Regards,

George Melcher