Working with iFolder v3, Windows XP client (tested with v3.1.5250.1) and
Mac OSX client (tested with v3.1.5230.1).

Renaming an existing directory which is an iFolder results in a
conversion of that directory to a normal directory (e.g. it is no longer
an iFolder). The iFolder client will then present that iFolder on the
server as "Not Setup".

It seems the iFolder client does not watch for renames of local
directories which are iFolders. I realize this is a complicated issue
(the directory name is the iFolder name, both for that machine, the
server and any other clients that have it setup), however, at the very
least the iFolder client should present a dialogue along the lines of
"by renaming this directory, which is an iFolder, you will revert this
directory to a normal folder".

I did a search on bugzilla for this issue, but did not find a match.

Do others experience this issue? Did I miss an existing bug report?