Dunno if this is the correct forum. If this is the wrong place please
tell me.

I'm testing a spanking new installation of ZfD 7 runnning on a Netware
6.5 box, that's all it does.

Testing some clients to see how to upgrade all my desktops. I install
the ZEN 7 agent on a test machine in my office and DLU no longer works.
The test desktops are running NW Client 4.9 sp2. The user package seems
pretty straight forward. I've defined policies for NT-2000-XP (for 3.2
clients) and XP (for 7 users). When I try to log on with DLU I can
authenticate to eDirectory, but I'm prompted for a windows password.

Hopefully I'm just overlooking something simple. Thanks in advance for
any help.