We have iFolder 3.1 on Linux OES SP1. The iFolder directory on the
server lives on a NSS volume.

The system work pretty well except for problems with MS Office.
Unfortunately this is the single most popular product on campus so until
this gets sorted out, no iFolder3 for us :-( OO2 isn't an option yet
because we still think that it has some issues.

The user has an iFolder (i.e. My Documents), it is shared with nobody
else and is only present on the users machine and of course the server.
Sometimes when the user saves a document is produces a filename
conflict. Changing the minimum sync interval (played with 1 hour and 5
hour) reduced the issue but it hasn't gone away.

I understand that MS Office re-writes the entire file when it's saved
and assume Simias is sometimes missing / losing track of this.
Has anyone else seen this / know how to fix it?