After rebooting our server yesterday, several users (but not all) were
unable to connect to our iFolder server. All of these users have had their
ifolders orphaned and when they try to connect to the server the client
comes back with "An error was encountered while connecting to the ifolder
server" clicking on the Show Details button gives the following: "Object
reference not set to an instance of an object" If anyone can has seen this
or knows of a fix, any help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached
what I could find from both e server and client logs below.

Thank you,

From the Simias.log file on the server, there are several listings like the
one below.
2006-01-17 07:44:10,068 [1131244464] INFO
Novell.AddressBook.LdapSync.LdapSync - Removed CN:
cn=JDRay,ou=EXIS,ou=HQ,o=CPSC FN: JDRay ID:
f08ada7d-a4d2-4ef7-8184-fb2b3b4a5f31 from Domain: milton

From the client log:

14:26:24,289 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient -
: Starting Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:32,761 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - LocalDatabase
: Starting Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:32,771 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - LocalDatabase
: Finished Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:32,801 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - Local :
Starting Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:32,801 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - Local :
Finished Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:32,821 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - My Documents
: Starting Sync.
2006-01-18 14:26:42,044 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.CollectionSyncClient - The
user no longer has rights.
2006-01-18 14:26:43,236 [11348] INFO Simias.Sync.SyncClient - My Documents
: Finished Sync.