I'm currently in the process or running a pilot for ZENworks 7.0 and
iFolder 3.1. (We just installed iFolder 3.1 yesterday). What I need to
know is if anyone has managed to seamlessly provision a default iFolder
for a user the first time they log in to a PC.

Every user is part of the LDAP context that provisions the iFolder
service on the server side. The problem is that we need to get a default
folder for the user to be provisioned automatically in a standard
directory on the workstation after it's been imaged and the user logs in
for the first time (iFolder will be part of the image). The user should
not need to enter any information for iFolder to start working

As an example C:\Documents and Settings\USERID\My Documents\My iFolder

Would be the standard iFolder for every user. They can then manually add
any additional folders they wish.

iFolder 2.1x at least prompted the user to create a default directory.
It seems like there's been a step back taken by the developers.

Any Ideas?

Tom Napier
Senior Analyst