We recently migrated our ifolder 2.x environemnt from Netware 6.5 to Oes on
SUSE. The issue that we are seeing is that every once in a while the
iFolder server times out to the LDAP server, we see this in the log:

02/08/06 12:19:30 ldap *MASTER[dev01] down
02/08/06 12:19:30 ldap *MASTER[dev01] down

We would see the same thing on the Netware server, but it would give a
connection restore to the Master in the log seconds later. The SUSE oes
server never reconnects and we have to restart the novell-ifolder service.
Is this by design on Linux? Can we change a parameter so that it retries
again like on Netware? It is a major pain, especially when you are trying
to convince mamanagment to migrate more services to Linux when iFolder
operates worse on Linux in their eyes.