We've had an existing iFolder 2.1 installation on SLES8/NNLS, running on a
very low-powered desktop PC for testing purposes. Still, with just a few
folks testing iFolder 2.1, performance has been great.

I've just installed an OES Linux SP1 + iFolder 3.1 server, and am
experiencing some performance issues. The new 3.1 install is running on very
beefy server hardware, and currently, I'm the only one using it. However,
the sync performance is terrible compared to the 2.1 installation on
hardware that's significantly inferior. I don't have any benchmarks, but
it's easily 50% slower when transferring large files, i.e. iso images.

On the new server, the iFolder 3.1 data store is on an NSS volume. The RAID
config is set to write-through. I've increased the "Read Ahead Count in
Blocks" setting from the default 2 to 128, which some folks have reported as
helping NSS performance - made no difference.

Not sure where to look next...I could try things on a Reiser partition, but
that's a fair amount of work in this particular situation, and I'd really
hoped to stay with NSS for all of our OES Linux storage.

Any ideas? Or is 2.x just inherently faster than 3.x?