Hi, there.....

When I try to login to manage my iFolder using

It does prompt me for USERNAME and PASSWORD but it does not
let me go into iFolder Manager, it brings me to a white page
that the location is unavailabe HTTP 404 Error.

I think it is because I did NOT assign a different IP for my Apache Server.
I used the same IP that the Novell 6 server is using...so, it maybe
a problem... How can I go back and re-assign a different IP address to my
APACHE Server so, that I can administer my iFOLDER.???
( Do I need to re-install iFOLDER ?? ) What about the iFOLDER client that
I have already created on a PC?? I already created ONE iFOLDER user on the
Novell 6 server... How can I delete that USER??
( My main concern is cleaning up iFolder properly )
Maybe I don't need to....

Is there anyway I can modify some STARTIFOLDER.NCF Files or something like
that... to allow me to assign a different IP for my APACHE Server so that
I can manage my iFOLDER???

Thank you, in advance....
Kaydoon Tse