Hi, There...

Please disregard the previous post... I was able to get into iFolder

I have another problem....I can use my ADMIN Novell Account and create an
iFolder icon on my DESKTOP WINXP machine....however, after I removed this
ADMIN iFOLDER and tried using another USER with limited rights...for
example jsmith,,, using password 555555, as the novell password,,,when it
came time to install iFOLDER on the same WINXP Machine...it keeps saying
invalid username and password. WHere do I add this user so that he can
be an iFolder user?? Also is there a RIGHTS issue here??
Maybe did I not REMOVE the ADMIN iFOLDER user properly??

I also see under SYS:\iFOLDER two empty folders ACCOUNTS and C4
and files:
access.txt, error.txt, e00001.txt, IFOLDER.XML, IFOLDERSERVER.XML,
and Server.flg

Do I need to grant RIGHTS to these folders for USER: jsmith??

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.....

Thank you, in advance....

Kaydoon Tse.