I have looked quite a bit for this answer, but I haven't really found
the exact issue for my setup (or understood it if I did find it).

I am setting up a testbed server running NW6.5 using iFolder 2.1. I
have a single NIC, private ip I am NAT'ed behind a Linksys
router connected to a cable modem. All NAT is handled by the router.

I created a subdomain on a hosted web server, and then set up
redirection on the server to get DNS to point to the IP of the cable
modem. I opened up ports 80, 636, 443, and 389 on the Linksys. I can
access the web server fine, Net Storage, Virtual Office, the whole 9
yards both internally and externally. I can also access iFolder using
the client internally, but not externally. Externally, I get an error -105.

I have iFolder Apache conf files listening on port 80, Console
1 shows openldap as and ifolder server as The host
file on the NW 6.5 server shows as my.sub.domain, same as the
subdomain I created and redirected.

I am set up this way to test because it is similar to what will be in
production when we get the bugs worked out, static IP NAT'ed off behind
a Pix 501 with static routes set for iFolder, VO, and Groupwise.

Am I missing something obvious here? None of the TID's that I have
looked at seem to have resolved the issue.