Anders Gustafsson wrote:
> Nns,
>> Anders, will the host file on the server work to handle that or will I
>> actually need to configure DNS on the server?

> I do not think that would work. You could have the internal in the HOSTS
> file and external in DNS shough.
> Also, will I need to redo
>> the config files and C1 stuff to use the host name instead of the IP?

> Yes, just change them. There is a TID that describes the procedure.
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Anders, just a quick update -

I went ahead and rebuilt the server and had the same problem. Then, a
light slowly came on. I was unable to hit from the remote site I am
setting this up for (I log in via VPN and terminal services) although
everything looked good. We have a Barracuda spyware firewall in place.
Lo and behold, when I exempted the IP address of the terminal server I
fired right up, synched files, whole 9 yards. Otherwise it would
connect, accept the passphrase, and then disconnect.

I will pursue this with Barracuda and post any response back.
Obviously, there is something they need to tweak or add to the allowed
application list.