NW 6.5 recently patched to SP5 from SP2.
Been running iFolder clustered in protected memory since 6.5 went in (nearly 2 years ago)

We use Backup Express 2.1.5D to backup our cluster.

On the iFolder volume, twice now since the patch (2 weeks ago) we have had folders get flagged as "execute only". This causes a problem when the backup job completes and goes to catalog the job - it has files but not the folder they go into. The catalog job then fails and the backup fails as a result.

I have to use the NSSCPT utility to manually clear the flag, then backups work again.

I am concerned enough with it interrupting our backups. I am more concerned that the issue will corrupt our users iFolder data at some point (if not already).

Any suggestions of what to look at, and is anyone else seeing this or something like this?

thx - Joe P