Ok so I upgraded from OES sp1 to sp2 via the pre-install script and red
carpet, the upgrade seemed succesful. I logged in to iManger as the
documentation says and installed the plugins. Restarted Tomcat.
Logged back in to iManager, connected to my "system" and it says that te
iFolder version was 3.2.XXXX, so I'm thinking ok upgrade successful.
Then i logged out of my iFolder 3.1 windows client so I could log back
in and get the upgrade as documented. I log back in and nothing, exit,
etc... nothing, can't make the auto upgrade work.
Took a look at /opt/novell/ifolder3/web/update/windows/version.config the
file is default nothing set. Can some one help tell me what their config
looks like....

*** Any ideas in general on what may be going on???

Thanks in advance,