This is a limitation that is set by design. In the 3.0 release there was
not this limitation on the server. When clients would attempt to
download larger files, utilization on the server would peak and the
system would be unusable until the file was finished processing.
Unfortunatly, the client would often timeout on the file transfer so the
server would be left in a bad state.

Thus the 10Mb limit was imposed in the 3.1 release until a better
solution could be found. There are big changes planned for webaccess for
the 3.6 release. If you can wait till then this is one of the issues
that is on the docket to be fixed.


ad admin wrote:
> Hi
> It's appears than i can't upload or download files more than 10 mb with
> the webaccess client Ifolder3.
> we try to change the two files opt/novell/ifolder3/webaccess/web.config
> and opt/novell/ifolder3/web/web.config as it's write in the doc but it
> is not work
> any ideas
> S.D.