iFolder 2.1.5 on NW 6.5 Sp3.

Our techs have been using iFolder for some time without issues and
we're about to setup our 1st end user who happens to be a VP - he
wants the capability to sync his 'My Documents' folder with IE
favourites, etc as he'd previously lost everything when his laptop
disk blew.

So we install iFolder and point to 'My Documents' - no probs.

Say his laptop crashes again or he logs in to another machine -
Windows will create a new user profile with an empty 'My Documents'
folder; if we then install and point iFolder to this location
everything will be deleted as this is an empty, pre-existing, folder!

Apart from us making a manual copy of his data before we deploy his
new laptop, or pointing iFolder to somewhere other than 'My Documents'
is there a way of avoiding this anomoly?