Hi all,

we just set up a new iFolder on a NW65.SP5-box. From in our location
everything works fine with both browser and client-access. But from
outside I only can login to iFolder with my browser. The clients says
authentication failed (-105). I read some tid's and news and deleted the
user in the registry on my Win2000-PC. Nothing changed. In the
iFolder-screen on the NW-Server I see two lines

is_user [0] and
LOCATE_SERVER username=<internal iFolderserver>

But thats all. Nothing more. A dstrace +LDAP shows nothing, too.

The iFolderserver is behind the firewall and has only a private IP.
Calling the publicIP does a redirection/mapping on the firewall to that
internal IP. This worked fine with the old iFolder 1.x on a NW6-box.

Any idea where to look to get it to work from outside ?

Thanks to all