Ok, *still* trying to get Ifolder up in some form on a OES-NW6.5 system.

Can someone confirm that the version of IFolder that ships on this is
V2? I'm getting conflicting stories, but it seems IF3 is Linux only.

If so WTH do I have to do to make IF2 work? If I login to IManager and
select Ifolder Manager (which is V2 obviously) and select Open IFolder
Management it prompts for 'IFolder Server Name' however I can't seem to
find one. Nothing like a server appears in search in either root or the
only context that exists on the network. So I can't get beyond that
point. Is there something else that needs to be started on the server
concerned to get Ifolder running??

NetStorage on the same server is functional but I'm unable to do
anything useful with IFolder it seems.

I installed IManager 2.6 on one other server that also had (in theory at
least) Ifolder (whatever version it is) on it but it seemed to remove
the IF2 management and replace it with IF3 management and that doesn't
seem able to do *anything* - which if I understand correctly isn't
surprising as IF3 seems to be OES*Linux* only, not OES*Netware*.

Can someone please point me in the right direction here....

Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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