Hi all
that iFolder-thing is driving me crazy. Setting only the internal IP on
the iFolderServer-Admin login works fine for the client installed on a
machine in internal net and for webaccess from inside and outside.
Changing that to Names instead of IP's (as described in a TID) it now
works fine for the client installed on a machine outside - but no longer
for the internal client nor the webaccess.
IFolder-Server is behind a Firewall with address-translation from
external->internal IP. The external IP is not accessible from behind the
firewall. Could that be the problem?
Why doesn't it matter, which IP I enter in the client? It always tries
to connect to the IP which is hardcoded in the client. Strange, isn't it?

And one more question: is there a detailed description how to set up a
server to have iFolder run on one IP and iManager run on another?
For security-reasons I want to differ.

Any help is welcome.