I am having trouble defining the storage location for the user data files.

I have modified the httpd_ifolder_nw.conf file with the following settings
and results:

# iFolderServerRoot iFolder:\
iFolderUserRoot iFolder:\

Then the data files are stored on SYS:\iFolder

If I use:

iFolderServerRoot iFolder:\
iFolderUserRoot iFolder:\

Then an error message is shown on the "Apache 2.0.54 for NetWare"
console screen:
Syntax error on line 51 of
iFolderServerRoot takes on argument, iFolder Server Root
<Press any key to continu...>
Pressing any key unload Apache.

I have a similar config on another server using an iFolder NSS volume and it
works great. Just can't seem to make it happen here.

If I change the "iFolderServerRoot <Location>" to another location besides
iFolder:/ it works OK.

Does anyone have an idea as to why I use the ROOT of the volume?