Concerning the issue mentioned previously, there is an error with
Simias.config that is:

AxisFault faultCode: {}HTTP faultSubcode:
faultString: (500)Internal Server Error faultActor: faultNode:
faultDetail: {}:return code: 500 <html> <title>Error 500</title><body
bgcolor="white"><h1><font color="red">Server error in '/simias10'
application</font></h1><hr> <h2><font
color="maroon"><i></i></font></h2> <b>Description: </b>Error processing
request. <p> <b>Error Message: </b>HTTP 500. <p> <b>Stack Trace:
</b><table summary="Stack Trace" width="100%" bgcolor="#ffffc">
<tr><td><code><pre> System.Xml.XmlException: Document element did not
appear. file:///var/lib/wwwrun/.local/share/simias/Simias.config Line
1, position 1.