After I download and finished to setup ifolder2.1.7 client to my WIN98se
PC from http://oes1/iFolder, I open the ifolder client program.

then two error message box pop up as below:

Title:C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder\trayapp.exe
C:\Program Files\Novell\iFolder\trayapp.exe
some device connectting to system does not work.

Title:error while program start
MFC42.DLL file cannot be connected to output function

also, I found some text in Novell iFolder 2.1.7 Readme
1.2 Client Operating Systems Supported

The iFolder client is designed for workstations and laptops using
the following operating systems:

For Windows

- Windows XP Home/Professional
- Windows 2000 Professional

But I can access ifolder server via http://oes/NetStorage
What should I do to enable client program?