iFolder 2.1 on nw6.5 sp3. Netstorage on same server

Users can access iFolder via the desktop client without issue. Users
can log into netstorage, too. However, a couple of users are having
trouble getting at their iFolder data through the netstorage interface.
I am able to access my ifolder, though, and can do it from outside
the firewall, too. so its not a "network" issue (firewall, dns, etc).
The "problem" users get the errors trying to set their passphrase.
Server's apache console shows the error "encryption mismatch" when they
try to set the passphrase.

There's a tid that describes this pretty closely, and a thread on the
newsgroup, too...however, there's a couple of points that I don't
understand, exactly.

I found that user a was having the problem...went to the "other" tab
on the properties of her user object, and deleted the
""xTier-iFolderPassphrase" attribute. It doesn't get re-created after
subsequent attempts, though, and the user still can't set the
passphrase through netstorage.

user"b" never had the attribute in the first place.

So the tid's suggest that the issue must be with the netstorage proxy
user's password...its changed. well, it hasn't. (admin). I attempted
to re-set the proxyuser's username and password through nsadmin, and
that hasn't helped...although, I've yet to re-boot the server, as thats
not so easy to do during business hours. is this perhaps what needs to