I'm hoping some are seeing similar issues to me and can help...

Enviro: iFolder3.2, with no other services on the box.

Issue: Daily or sometimes every few days my iFolder system becomes
unresponsive. In the clients it says 'Server Unavailible', and you can't
hit the web portal. To correct this I have run /etc/cron.daily/a-simias-
stop, then /etc/init.d/novell-tomcat4 stop start, then /etc/cron.daily/z-
simias-start, and we're back in business for a day or so.

Resolution attemps: Initially trouble shooting this issue I noticed that
the sym links in cron.daily weren't there, so I created them thinking
that would fix the issue. But doesn't seem to help.

Troubleshooting: Can some one please walk me through troubleshooting
this, keeping in mind I'm fairly new to the linux world.

Thanks in advance,