I have a curious iFolder issue with several users that I need help
resolving. I have an iFolder server running on the Netware kernel. It is
Netware OES with SPACK 6.5.4 v4.0a support pack. The clients have been
running for month or longer. Suddenly they are unable to synchronize.
The client seems to log in OK (I have the iFolder icon in the system
tray, but the client log shows
Synchronizing with server
Synchronization failed
and this repeats over and over. I uninstall the client and reinstall. No
change. I create a new Novell account (with a different name) for the
user and activate it for iFolder. When the client logs in to this
account everything works perfectly. So you say OK the account is
corrupt. BUT this started happening to me recently. One of my clients is
a laptop that I use regularly at several locations. At some of those
locations, it continues to work just fine. At others it now fails. So is
there some network problem with those locations? Well I set up another
iFolder account and log in using that laptop at those locations with the
new account. It works just fine. So what's going on here. Please help me
resolve this. If it will help, I can take network traces at both the
server and the client.