I have am seeing an issue where I can not get a successful
synchronization on a specific client machine (I have multiple other
clients synchronizing successfully).

The server is version 3.2.5347.1, with client is 3.2.5347.1 on Windows
XP. Fresh install of the client, create the account, designate
folder(s) to be iFolders. In the iFolders window the status remains at
waiting to synchronize, or # items to synchronize. On the iFolder
server the Directory structure is created, but no files have been
synchronized (we can see the directories via iFolder web access, as well
as within the file system itself).

I have seen this in the past with older versions of the client, but this
is the first time with the 3.2.5347 version.

I have turned on DEBUG logging on both the server and the client and
have those results. The couple things that jumped out to me with my
in-experienced eye were:

from the server log:
2006-04-28 15:09:34,172 [1225878448] DEBUG Simias.Sync.Log - Request
Failed exception
Object reference not set to an instance of an object
in <0x0001e> Simias.Sync.ServerInFile:GetHashMap (System.Int32
entryCount, System.Int32 blockSize)
in <0x00035> Simias.Sync.SyncService:GetHashMap (System.Int32
entryCount, System.Int32 blockSize)
in <0x0004e> Simias.Sync.Http.HttpService:GetHashMap
(System.Web.HttpRequest request, System.Web.HttpResponse response,
Boolean useDynBlockSize)
in <0x002a0> Simias.Sync.Web.SyncHandler:ProcessRequest
(System.Web.HttpContext context)

and then client log:
2006-04-28 15:09:13,936 [2820] DEBUG Simias.Sync.Log - Failed Uploading File
Exception: System.Net.WebException
Message: The operation has timed-out.
Source: System
at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at Simias.Sync.Http.HttpSyncProxy.WriteFile(StreamStr eam stream,
Int64 offset, Int32 count)
at Simias.Sync.HttpClientOutFile.UploadFile()
at Simias.Sync.CollectionSyncClient.ProcessFilesToSer ver()

I have the complete logs from both the client and server if more
information would be helpful.

Jeff VanDeRyt