We are running iFolder client ver 3.2.5347.1 . We have 2 laptops that are
running Windows XP SP2 with the same issue (others are working fine). Both
of them will not auto-logon to the ifolder server and both do not show any
entries in the sync log either. They do seem to sync to the server once the
are manually logged in. We have tried uninstalling the iFolder client from
both computers and making sure the simias folder and the ifolder folders
have been removed from the computer. After re-installing the same problem
happens. If we install the ifolder client on another computer it works just
fine. I've enabled debug logging in the simias.log. I've attached a copy
of the log. The log contains a the startup of ifolder and then I clicked on
the login button to log it in manual (even though the credentials had been

Is there anywhere else that I can look into to fix this problem. I'm mostly
concerned about the auto login not working, but would like to also get the
sync log working too. Any help would be greatly appreciated.