I think iFolder is a great product and we're currenty running 2.1 which
works really well. However, the new features of 3.x with sharing etc.
sounds appealing but, from what I understand, it doesn't scale as well as 2.x.

- How well does the iFolder 3.5 server currently scale and how well will
iFolder 3.6 scale when it's finished (approx)?
- If it's about the same as 3.2 then how well does that scale? :)
- Are we talking hundreds or thousands of users on a single "normal" x86
server without scaling out?

I would assume that disk and network I/O would be of greater concern than
CPU utilization but maybe not... Has anyone experience from any bottlenecks
or how large installations do you currently run or heard of on a 3.x server

If someone would have a rule of thumb, like 20Mhz and 5Mbit per average
user then that would be great but I guess it shouldn't be that easy :)

That's many questions and you don't have to answer all the answer one but
please share any experience you might have.

Thanks alot!

Magnus Ijs
magnus 00 <AT> g mail com