We have been running iFolder 3.1 for several months on OES Linux SP1
Everything has been working fine until this morning.

At 4:15:28 this morning, these errors first appeared in the Simias.log

2006-05-10 04:15:28,514 [1088392112] ERROR Novell.iFolder.Ldap.EnterpriseAuthentication - LdapError:

2006-05-10 04:15:28,515 [1088392112] ERROR Novell.iFolder.Ldap.EnterpriseAuthentication - Error:91

2006-05-10 04:15:28,597 [1088392112] ERROR Novell.iFolder.Ldap.EnterpriseAuthentication - 91

2006-05-10 04:15:28,600 [1088392112] ERROR Novell.iFolder.Ldap.EnterpriseAuthentication - in <0x00030> Novell.Directory.Ldap.LdapResponse:chkResultCode ()

in <0x0015f> Novell.Directory.Ldap.LdapSearchResults:next ()


Everyone is getting a "Server Unavailable" message in the iFolder client.

There appears to be a problem with the iFolder server authentication to
the LDAP server. However, I am at loss to see why.

The LDAP server the iFolder server connects to, is a NW65SP2 server which
also contains the master NDS replica. I have restarted both the NW65 LDAP
server and the IFolder server and I have tried reseting the NDS passwords
for both the ifolderadmin and ifolderproxy accounts. Nothing has helped.

Anyone have any ideas?