We are using Netstorage and Ifolder successfully in our organizaiton.
After update our NW65 server to sp4, we suddenly stopped seeing the
IFolder folder inside of Netstorage. It simply isn't there. Everything
else in NetStorage seems to work properly and Ifolder functions fine
using the client.

using the NSAdmin tool for Netstorage I've compared the problem server
with another NW65sp4 server on site. It is not the productive IFolder
server, but Ifolder is installed. On the "sick" server, the IFolder
Storage Provider information is present and correct (meaning the values
are the same as when ifolder was visible in Netstorage). I have found
differences in the WebDAV Provider Page. The key
<Template Directory REG_SZ XTier\Configuration\xdav
sys:\webapps\NetStorage\>"sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\Ne tStorage" is not
present in the NSADMIN interface. I checked the registry on the server
and the key and its values are present and correct, but they are not
showing up in the web interface. The same is true in the General Page.
I'm missing the key <Certificate Name REG_SZ XTier\Configuration\Xsrv>
"SSL CertificateDNS" The values are set in the Novell Registry, but not
visible in the NSADMIN interface.
Has anyone an idea how I can get this server to provide access to
iFolder via Netstorage again? Thanks