Hello. I have the problem explained at [1].

However, if I try to follow the steps on that wiki page, I find some
ambiguous things:

a) At section [2], I am told to download file SimiasBrowser.asmx.
However, this file is not mentioned anymore (it should be mentioned in
section [3], I suppose, but it is only mentioned in section [4] which
does not apply to me because I am following the Windows instructions).

b) At section [2] I am told to download StoreBrowser.exe and
StoreBrowser.exe.config files from [5]. However, the next step (section
[3]) tells me again to download this files but this time from the SVN

c) At section [6], it is not very clear how to know the Uri to specify.
The example URL shows "portnumber", is this the 80 port or the 52080
port? I have tried without the port and with both of them and it seems
not to work for me because it returns a 404 error code. (I am using:)

Are these ambiguities known? Can someone fix them so as to be able to
"fix" my problem? :(


Andrés [ knocte ]