came accross and interesting scenario, Ill keep it short (i hope).
I have a Samba domain controller at work with roughly 70 client pc's. All
users have roaming profiles. All client machines are winXP Pro. The user
profile is cached on local pc's (this is not a recommended set up when i
read the samba docs but i do it anyways). If the local cache copy of the
user profile is deleted from the client pc (delete user profiles), ifolder
credentials are lost on next login. So, heres how i see it:
user info for ifolder is located in Documents and Settings\<userid>\Local
Settings\Application Data\simias directory... it does not roam with user.
If the user cached profile is removed, bye bye ifolder info.
Only solution i can think of is to force the simias folder to be part of
the roaming profile. which would mean id have to goto each pc and make the
config changes.
I have not released ifolder to the wild (work) yet but i sure get a lot of
requests for the functionality it provides. I use it all the time between
work and home... i would be lost without it.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be cool.