Hi all,

I have been fighting with this apache/ifolder problem all day. I have
ifolder 2.0 on NetWare 6.5 sp3 and ifolder 2.1 on NetWare 6.5 sp5 and I get
the ldap_simple_bind Can't contact LDAP server<81> error. I went into the
sys:\apache\ifolder\server\httpd_ifolder_nw.conf file and changed the
parameter to the ip address (instead of the dns name) saved the filed
stopped ifolder and restarted it and the 81 errors
were gone. I then put the dns name back in for the LdapHost parameter and
the 81 errors are
still gone. I do not know what gives but the 81 errors are gone. Thought
some of you might like to know the solution since most of the posts out here
were dead ends for me.

Brian Payne
Network Systems Engineer