I have tried tried and tried some more to make Ifolder 3 silent
Ok I finally got it working with!
ifolder3.exe /L1033 /V"/passive /norestart"

It didn't work with /? and what was recommended there!

OK next problem!
Users login on that machine and NO extension of Explorer was made.
User hasn't got the possiblity to right click on a local folder and
convert it to ifolder folder!
iFolders that are converted isn't changed to ifolder icon, so users
can't really see if that folder is a local folder or an iFolder
I tried with regsrv32 ifoldershell.dll succes to register but nothing
I don't think that reinstalling the application every time users change
workstations is an option...
PLEASE advice me on this matter, how can I make this happen!

Regards Bozidar