I have on a LinuxOESsp2 server ifolder3-enterprise-3.2.5347.1-1 running.
I am able to connect using Windows clients. I have tried my first
install of iFolder (ifolder3-3.2.5347.1-1) on a SuSE10.0 laptop. The
install goes well and iFolder starts but I am unable to create an
account. My account is a user that already has the iFolder client
running on his WindowsXP machine with no problems. I do the following
when trying to setup an account on the Suse10.0 laptop:
1) Click Add (only Add button is enabled)
2) enter Server dns name
3) enter User name
4) enter Password
5) click Log In (the Add button is NOT enabled)

When I click Log In I get:
> The Application "ifolder" has quit unexpectedly.
> You can inform the developers of what happened to help them fix it. Or you can restart the application right now.

This happened with a previous install of ifolder3-3.1.????.1-4 as well.

I was able to create a local iFolder share location on this laptop with
no problem.

Can someone help?