I'm testing iFolder 3.2 (OES SP2 version) as a replacement for my
current 2.1 installation on Netware. In just the first couple of days
of testing, I've come across two strange and incredibly annoying
problems. The testing environment is the OES SP2 server and two Windows
XP SP2 machines with the 3.2 client that shipped with OES.

1. iFolder appears to have trouble synchronizing zero byte files. I
have my Thunderbird mail store in iFolder and consistently have files
for mail folder that don't sync after I've emptied the folder and exited
Thunderbird. The only solution I've found is to remove the file from
the iFolder, let it get deleted from the server, and then copy the file

2. I get name conflicts on folders if I shut down the iFolder client
and then restart it. That it! All I have to do is shutdown and then
reload the client app. I don't touch the iFolder or anything in it.
What the heck?