Good Morning,

I have a problem. We are testing using iFolder for our students using the netstorage interface. I have a student who can login to netstorage without a problem. When they click on iFolder, it asks to set the passphrase a usual for logining in the first time. When she tries to enter a new passphrase, she gets the following error.

Possible cause: NetStorage Authentication Domain setting may not be correct.
Possible cause: Passphrase form may be submitting to wrong server, port or protocol.
Possible cause: NetStorage Authentication domain not readwrite replica.
Please forward this information to your system administrator.

Everyone else seems to be logining in fine. I had this problem with mine to start and I reset my account and it worked. If I set the user up to use iFolder and then use the client it works fine. Does anyone have any idea on how I can resolve this issue?