I posted recently about a problem I am having with the iFolder Client
3.2.5347.1 against an OES SP2 backend.
I'm not getting a synchronization log, but I discovered the problem is

1) The client won't autologin on boot, I have to go to preferences,
accounts, and click login
2) The status screen never refreshes, it always says OK no matter what
3) Upon initial setup, the status shows "Not set up" forever, even though it
syncs. If I hit F5 to refresh, it will say Waiting to sync. If I wait a
while and hit F5 again, it will say OK.

The client seems to sync just fine, I just get no status, no long, no
indication that it is working. I have two desktops syncing with this server
just fine. Both desktops and the laptop are all running Windows XP and they
all have the same iFolder client. One desktop is a Dell, one is a home
built w/ Intel board, and the laptop is an IBM T60. I've reinstalled the
client on the laptop 3 times and it has made no difference.

Anyone have any idea on this behavior?