Can anyone shed any light on the following:

A client of ours has an iFolder server that has been running untouched
for over a year, last thursday sometime around 17:40 it stopped.

Their iFolder box runs on a two server cluster of Novell 6.0sp5 servers,
and uses two of our NetWare 6.5 servers for LDAP queries.

Neither server in the iFolder cluster was rebooted, nor was either of
the two LDAP servers. On friday they noticed it was stopped, and the
iFolder box simply states:

"[][-1] ldap_simple_bind : Can't contact
LDAP server(81)

The box its-fnds-b01 is one of our LDAP servers, and you can make LDAP
and LDAP/ssl connections to it from other machines, and from other
machines on the same subnet as the iFolder server. There are no known
problems with the LDAP servers' certificates -- other LDAP applications,
and another iFolder installation *can* authenticate.

DSTRACE -all +ldap and every single tick box turned on shows zero
activity from the iFolder server -- manual ldapsearches or LDAP/ssl
connects from a perl utility all show up.

Running a packet capture (pktscan.nlm) on either LDAP box shows zero IP
traffic from the iFolder server.

Running pktscan.nlm on the iFolder server shows _nothing_ coming out of
the box for the address of the LDAP server, unless you manually initiate
a ping from one to the other (from either direction), in which case it
logs the ICMP packets. Neither end has problems resolving DNS to the
other end.