Ok, I have a recurrent problem with Netstorage/iFolder

We have two servers that have IFolder/NetStorage installed.
(There is no NetStorage forum - the two are apparently related so..)
This is on a OES NW6.5 server so presumably that's Ifolder 2.x.

Downloads will suddenly stop working for no apparent reason.

User will log in through the Netstorage portal and get to their files.

One of several things will happen.

1) It will all work fine. (Rare)
2) It will download but no upload window appears when you try and upload.
3) It will not download, but download and lock will work.
4) It will not do anything at all.

You don't get an error when the download fails, it just sits there and
the list of files refreshes.

Similar thing happens when trying to upload.

Occasionally you will get some 3 page error message in some cryptic language
in the window at the
bottom left....

IFolder itself has never worked. I've no idea what I am doing wrong or how
to fix it.

When downloads don't work you get this error in the ifolder error.log

LOCATE_SERVER username unprovisioned user

Any ideas?
Sometimes if I restart the server it will come good for a while.

I've just installed OES/Linux SP2 on another box and it's broken as well,
but I'll leave that
for the moment...

I'm really learning to hate java based apps like this.


Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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