I have Novell Small Business Suite 6.5 with NetWare patched up to SP3. I
was having trouble with Apache and Tomcat so I decided to reinstall
both. I eventually got them working, however iFolder no longer loaded.
So I uninstalled iFolder 2.1 from the server install menu at the GUI and
proceeded to insert the NetWare 6.5 SP3 Products Overlay CD to reinstall

Much to my surprise, iFolder was not listed on the install page of the
Products CD. In retrospect, I would have not uninstalled it so quickly
but I just assumed it was on the CD. From my research it appears that
iFolder installs from the main OS CD, however, I am not sure how to go
about doing this without reinstalling the entire operating system.

I tried downloading a standalone version of iFolder 2.1 but it would not
load because my version of Apache (2.52) is too new for the installation
program. It says rather that for NetWare 6.5, follow the procedure
outlined in the NetWare Installation / Administration Guide to install
iFolder. I looked through this document and it doesnít discuss
installing the software as an add-on product after the main OS

How can I install iFolder 2.1 on NetWare 6.5 SP 3 post operating system
install? There's got to be an easy fix for this... i hope?

Thanks for the help,