Running Netware 6.5 SP 4. Ifolder client 2.1.5 on 3 workstations. The quickbooks files are kept in the ifolder and the clients application is local on the 3 machines. Only one machine is ever used at a time. The client will do work on a notebook and sometimes the files will not sync to the server. The activity tab says sync complete with server but the account information page shows 1 or 2 files to sync and an amount matching the files. If it delete the files and let that filter through the system then add them again it will sync. This has caused errors with versions between the systems not being up to date and lost information. Will this be better in 2.1.7? Should I just dump the files on the server and do a slower VPN connection? Can I trust this? I have not had this kind of problem with any other kinds of files or any other installation. The files are in the 20 to 50 Meg size range if that has any bearing on the issue. My client is at their wits end and I am getting close myself. Thanks to anybody who helps.