After installing the client on a Users Laptop I get the following error
when the client starts after the initial reboot required by the install
"Die Anwendung ist mit HTTP-Statuscode 401 fehlgeschlagen: Unauthorized".
The Laptop is set up with a german version of XP and translated the error
reads "The application failed with HTTP-Statuscode 401: Unauthorized".
This error occurs any time the client starts, prior to configuring any
server address and/or user information. I also comes up every time you open
the iFolder client and when entering the server address and user info. No
configuration can be saved.
I have tried un- and reinstalling the client, including using the latest
3.2.6... version, un- and reinstalling all .NET components, removed all
firewalls, but all with no resolution to this problem.
Can anyone help or advise any idea of how to fix this?
Thanks & regards.