We have a client whose iFolder 3 blew up for reasons unbeknownst to us. We
tried re-running the simias-server-setup script after renaming the
simias.config, killing mono, apache2 etc. After we ran the script, you
could login via the web portal but it connected to "Simias System" and not
the name of our iFolder system and none of the data folders were there. On
the client side, we could not connect to our iFolder system at all, but
could connect to the new Simias System if we chose to by setting up a new
account (but again, no data folders). So, we re-ran the simias-server-setup
script and renamed the system to what it used to be. Now we can't even
connect via the web portal. Any ideas?

Other pertinents:

1. We do not have a backup of the original Simias.config file prior to the
server blowing up.
2. The data from the old system is still there
3. We really do NOT want to touch every client that we've installed iFolder
on if at all possible.