My SSL certificates expired, and I ran PKDIAG and created new ones.
iManager now works fine.

However, I keep receiving the following in the Apache log screen:

12:12:36 12:12:36 Configured LDAP was found ready to use.

12:12:36 12:12:36 NIF CertHandler: Root certificate file for master ldap
not found, requesting a new one from server.

12:12:36 12:12:36 NIF CertHandler: # Root Certs=1.

12:12:36 12:12:36 NIF CertHandler: Retrieved certificate of size=1318.

12:12:36 12:12:36 *MASTER[server_name.COM][-1] ldap_simple_bind : Can't
contact LDAP server(81)

12:12:36 12:12:36 ldap *MASTER[server_name.COM] down

12:12:36 12:12:36 LDAP initialization failed. Check LDAP and restart apache.

12:12:36 LDAP initialization failed.

When I try to connect to iFolder I receive the following error:

Unable to connect to server (-105)

I exported the new trusted root cert to where the previous one was located
and restarted Apache but I still get the same error. Any ideas?