iFolder 2.1.3 has been installed on a NW6-SP5-server with
internal ip-address and worked - under the same
ip - ok for a while. Now this ip-address had to be changed
for ifolder only to, the nw-server itself
stayed at I worked my way through the
config-files and changed the ip-address in all - from my
knowledge and TID10067853 - ifolder places. The only
ip-addresses I left untouched were the ldap-references,
which I left at

When now starting the ifolder-management (web-interface)
with system-monitoring, user-ldaps have status ok, but
folder servers remain empty with the remark "Redirection
Failed". Furthermore admin access to the user fails also
with the same error-message. I went through the steps from
TID10087686, but that did not help.

User-login through the web-interface is stopped with the
message, user resides on different server (or something like

Any hint what might be wrong is highly appreciated.