First note, thanks to all of you for your contributions to this site,
I've surely been reading much of it.

Now moving forward. I just completely my install/leaning curve of
iFolder. When i originally set the system up I had it pointing to one
internal IP address. Since then I've moved it to another. I went into
the registry as well as into the admin console and redirected
everything to the new address. Everything is working fine there.

on the /name/iFolder index page I've gone into the actual html
documents and made manual static changes to fix the broken links. BUT,
when you download the client, after it installs it has the old IP
address set as the inital login destination. This can be confusing for
some of my users. I'd love get that changed and I'd really love not to
have to start over to fix this.

What are my choices.


System config:
Windows 2k3 Server not on a domain nor connected to Active Directory
eDirectory 8.8
iFolder 2.13 on same machine, using clear text for LDAP

Key note, I'm a windows guy, this is my first experience with Novell,
so barewith my lack of terminology.