Im using the service iFolder 3.2 running on a linux plattform.

When i configurated ifolder, i used a specific ldap-servers ipaddress
where ifolderadmin and ifolderproxy etc is installed. And i guess also the

The specific admin acount is ofcourse localhost but ifolder is using ldap
configured to another machine.

The physical ldap-server got a hardware failier the other day, so now i
need to change the ldap settings for ifolder to another ldapserver.

I have tryed to do that through iManger ifolder3/system but since i cant
login because the specific ldapserver is down.

Any solution to manualy configurate or, is the problem more related to a
specific attribute for ifolder that no longer exist because one of the
ldap servers in the tree went down?

Because the ifolderadmin and ifoldeproxy still exist in the tree. The
message i get is that ifolder needs a certificate imported but when i try
that it fails.