We have one NW6.5 SP5-server with iFolder2.1
It seems that iFolder doesnt work and i can't access User Policy. It says
that "Global Policy must initialized".
I can't come any further and since no users has take iFolder in use, then
i decide to uninstall it all og reinstall iFolder from scratch.

I have removed iFolder using X-GUI. Then i restart server, but i still see
ifolder is been loaded during Apache-startup. Is seem that iFolder is not
removed completely.

How do i remove iFolder completely?

BTW: Whan i try to do a Post-Install og iFolder, i cant authenticate. I
only get msg about that i have to check username and password. This can be
related to something else.

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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